What do you mean by 'no file size restrictions'?
Why is there no Account/User ID or password?
Do you offer discounts to paying customers for multiple Ads?


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Q. Why should I use Uradnet banner network?

A. Uradnet banner services allow you to maintain complete control of your advertising by removing restrictions which other banner advertising sites place on the advertiser. Uradnet is able to remove these restrictions if you host your own ads, we include links to your banners in our script. By hosting your own banner you are free to update it daily without having to worry about Account ID's or passwords and without file size restrictions (simply save your new banner with the same name and in the same location on your websites server). Whats more its cheap ... the costs of ppc (pay per click) advertising is rising all the time; with click thru charges anywhere between 15c and $3 (typical charges) per click. With Uradnet your dont pay for clicks - the service is FREE if you carry our code on your page OR currently only £9.99 per year if you do not wish to display the Ads on your page.

Q. How long after submitting my Ad before it goes live on the network?

A. Your URL and banner will be checked they comply with our Terms of Service before your Ad is accepted onto the network. We shall make best endeavours to complete this check within 4 to 6 hours, but ask you to allow up to 48 hours (to cover unforeseen circumstances). You will be emailed once your Ad is live. For paying customers your 1 years advertising shall begin on the date on which your ad is made live.

Q. How do I change my ads daily without any delay?

A. If your ad is hosted on your own server, and our script simply calls up your ad from your server in order to display it. The link to your ad on our script always remains the same e.g. www.yoursite.com/yourbanner.gif . If you decide to change the design of your banner, you simply save it in the same place, and with the same name as the original. This is particularly useful if you wish to promote different products or services on different days of the week for example. Your new banner is still required to comply with our 'Terms of Service' and we shall carry out random checks on all banners and links to ensure compliance, but we feel our advertisers should be trusted to be responsible, and as such we do not ask you to wait for us to check each time you change your design.

Q. What do you mean by 'no file size restrictions'?

A. Many other banner advertising services place restrictions on the size of file (typically no more than 15kb) that you can upload. The reason for this is that you upload your banner to their server, hence the restriction preserves their own bandwidth when ads are displayed over their network. By restricting the file size you are inevitably compromising the quality of your banner. With Uradnet you can host your banner on your own server, and as such you can make the file size as large as you wish. We do however recommend that you try to find a good balance between quality and file size... if you build you banners in photoshop remember to click on 'save for web' and not 'save as' when you save your banner, as this reduces the file size considerably, with minimal compromise on quality.

Q. Can you host my ad?

A. Yes... Upload your banner to us rather than provide the link to it. However you will be subject to certain restrictions:

Limit of 15K file size applies to ads we host

Delays in ad changes (subject to compliance checks)

Only the first change of banner is free (each year). After which an administration charge of £2.50 applies.

Q. No need to earn impressions?

A. Uradnet banner network selects ads totally at random and is not dependant on credits earned. Each day we automatically check that our code is in place on your site - as long as our code is found; your banner will be automatically placed on the rotation.

Q. I am placing a FREE ad, where should I place your code?

A. Our code must appear on the page that you ask us to link to. The positioning is not important but it MUST be within the main body of the page.

Q. If I place a .jpeg advert can I change this to .gif?

A. Yes, however this will leave you subject to delays in getting your ad changed due to the need to modify our script. We recommend using .gif for your banners, as this gives you the freedom to build both static or animated ads. An administrative charge of £2.50 applies for modifying your link.

Q. Can I place multiple Ads?

A. Paying customers may place multiple ads if they so wish, please contact us for details of multiple ad discounts. Non paying customers are restricted to one ad.

Q. How do you calculate the ratio 20:19?

A. A ratio of 10:8 typically means that for every 10 banners a non-paying customer shows on their site, their own banner would be shown 8 times on other sites. This is usually achieved by earning credits, leaving 2 spare impressions for paying customers. Typically only around 5% of customers will pay for this service, and as such for every 19 customers displaying ads on their site, there will be 1 paying customer not displaying ads. This give us as estimated ratio of 20:19 for non-paying customers, when in fact all ads have an equal chance of being shown, and the ratio may fluctuate greatly each day. The figure of 20:19 is only intended for the purposes of comparison.

Q. Why is there no User ID or password to remember?

A. You don't need one to upload new banner designs and we do not provide statistics on either impressions or click thru's. You are provided with an account number when your ad goes live on the network, via either an email or an invoice (paying customers). Paying customers will need this account numbers for annual renewals, but we also recommend this is kept safe in case you need to advise us of administrative changes (e.g. email address).

Q. Does it really matter that you don't use cookies?

A. It most definately does. Many internet users use anti-spyware software or manually set up their browsers to block cookies and other forms of ad-tracking. By not using cookies or any other form of ad tracking we reduce the risk of your ad being blocked.

Q. Do you offer discounts to paying customers for multiple Ads?

A. Not at this moment in time.