Frustrated by the costs of advertising? You are not alone! It is reported that a typical small business in the UK spends an average £500 per month on Google advertising, for a return of 2:1... that means for every pound spent they get two in return.
Facebook isn't much better... how often have you clicked to Boost a post, to see a message like this:
That's £2 per day to possibly reach up to 956 people per day. That doesn't seem like a lot, but very often your actual reach will be closer to the bottom estimate, and at times even lower still. You also need to consider that we are not talking about "Click Thru" rates here, this is simply exposures e.g. the number of people who will see your advert.
So if you were to boost several posts on Facebook each week, you could end up with a spend of £6 or £8 a day, just showing people your adverts...
Another Facebook frustration for many UK small businesses, is the closure of Facebook stores last year. Many had built up a decent following and added dozens or hundreds of products to their shop to find the proverbial rug pulled from underneath their feet. Of course Facebook will be offering a new shop experience, but businesses will have to now use Facebook's own payment system, and accept their Terms & Conditions. A completely enclosed system which will mean payments will not be instant, will likely result in more nags for more ad spend, and will probably cost a lot more.
Gone are the days of free advertising, but we don't believe it should cost the earth either. Uradnet's new UK Ad Network costs just £10 a month (*£4 a month if you join as a network host). There is no Ad Tracking or Cookies either, meaning your Ad's are unlikely to be blocked.
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