Follow the steps below to join the Uradnet UK Ad Network:
1) Your website MUST be secure to be accepted on this network. Check it has "https" at the beginning of the URL, if not you will need to purchase an SSL certificate from your webhosting company.
Step 2) Upon joining the UK Ad Network you are expected to host (display) one of the two Ad formats on your website (£48 per year before discounts - currently 2/3 off), however you can select a non-host option if you wish (£120 per year before discounts - currently 2/3 off). For non-host membership go direct to Step 6, for host membership proceed to Step 3 to select which Ad you will display on your website.
Step 3) Choose from the two ad formats below and copy the relevant code to paste into your website:
<!-- Start of uradnet code -->
<!-- End of uradnet code -->
<!-- Start of uradnet code -->
<!-- End of uradnet code -->
Step 4) Paste the code you have just copied into your website. NOTE that the code MUST be placed on the webpage that you would like your advert to link to, and between the header and the footer. If your advert is promoting a special offer, it MUST be clear and reachable from this page.
Step 5) Save and upload the page, and then open the page to test that the UK Ad Network is visible. If it is not visible, you may need to create & upload a php.ini file with the following code to allow your page to show 3rd party content:
allow_url_fopen = On
allow_url_include = On
To create your own file simply copy the text into Notepad and save the file as "php.ini" - then upload to your website. Note that if the page the code is being displayed on in saved in a folder rather than at root level, then the file will need to be uploaded to that folder. If you are unable to do this yourself then contact your webhosting company for assistance.
6) Create your adverts (NO videos - image formats only)... You will need to create an advert for each of the ad formats above. For UKAdNet82 your advert will need to measure 800 pixels wide x 200 pixels high. For UKAdNet44 it will need to measure 400 x 400 pixels. Save your adverts to your website - you may wish to create a special folder and perhaps include 82 and 44 in the relevant advert names. PLEASE READ OUR Terms of Service TO READ ABOUR RESTRICTED ADVERTS.
You can change your advert at any time to reflect a new offer or promotion - as soon as you upload it to your site, it will be live on our network. *Note that your new adverts must be uploaded with the same file names and to the same locations as your originals, otherwise they will not appear on the network.
7) Make payment below: (currently 2/3 off)...

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